Dates and Prices

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Currently I only have a fixed date for my road trip from Norway to Ghana: 

Norway to Malaga (15th July – 1st Aug) – FREE if you join the full 3,5 month trip

Malaga to Dakar- (1st Aug – 1st Sep) – 1000€

Dakar to Freetown (1st Sep – 1st Oct) – 1000€

Freetown to Accra (1st Oct -1st Nov) – 1000€

Accra to Bamako (1st Nov- ?) – This will be a freestyle trip. Feel free to tag along!

A deposit of 500€ is required to book a trip. Whether you are just joining for a month of for the whole trip.

This deposit will be deducted from the prices below, which should be paid in full no later than one month before departure.

You can make the deposit through the Get in Touch section.

We will only refund 50% of the deposit and after the 24th of June we will not offer any refund; this is to make sure everyone is 100% committed to this trip.

Whats included?
  • All costs associated with the drive from Norway to Ghana:

    • All gas costs, also for the day trips, drives to embassies for visas, etc​

    • All parking costs, at camp sites, in cities and so on. The cars are our responsibility

    • All toll roads, that also includes inevitable occasional police bribes once we are in Africa

    • All repairs and servicing of the cars. We will try to get them serviced once a month

    • All documents for the cars. That includes car insurance, laisser-passer, etc

  • The use of common gear for camping and cooking:

    • Water canister with filter, able to filter away diseases from water (down to two micron)

    • A gas burner, basic pots and pans. Everyone brings their own plates, cups and cutlery

    • A 8 person Lavvu tent. This is the best tent money can buy and is set up in 3 minutes

    • Extra tents and sleeping mats on request, provided we get sponsored

  • Professional expertise from people with experience​:​

    • We will have sim cards so that the group could be reached wherever there is signal

    • A thorough briefing online and in person before departure

    • We have done the trip before, know where to set up tents, how to get visas, etc​

  • Ferry from Norway to Denmark and Spain to Morocco 
  • A free Vikings in Africa tattoo for those who complete the full tour!

Whats not included?
  • Visas, this will be a significant expense, especially from Senegal and onwards

    • ​Morocco – No visa required (90 days) 

    • Mauritania – Obtained at border (30 days) = €50 – instant

    • Senegal – No visa required (90 days)

    • Gambia – No visa required* (90 days)

    • Mali – Obtained in Dakar (30 days) = 25,000CFA // €38 – typically next day

    • Guinea-Bissau – Obtained in Ziguinchor, Senegal = 1 month is 25,000CFA // €37 – instant

    • Guinea – Obtained in Bissau, Guinea-Bissau* (1 month multiple-entry) = 30,000CFA // €45 – same day

    • Sierra-Leone – Obtained in Dakar = 120,000CFA €180+ – 1 day or obtained in Conakry, Guinea – $100USD – 1 Day

    • Liberia – Obtained in Conakry, Guinea – $100USD EU passport, $141USD for US passport

    • Ivory Coast – Obtained in Dakar (1 month) = 33,000CFA // €50 – 3 days

    • Burkina Faso – Obtained in Bamako, Mali (1 month) = 24,000CFA // €36 – next day

    • Ghana – Obtained in Bamako, Mali*/ Monrovia/ Abidjan (easy) (1 month) = 25,000CFA approx // €38 – next day

    • Togo – Obtained at Togo border (7 days*) = 15,000CFA // €22 – instant

    • Benin – Obtained in Lomé, Togo (15 day multiple entry) = 12,500CFA // €19 – pick up Fridays

  • All accommodation that is not free camping/ bush camping (optional upgrades)

    • A few camp sites in Europe​ which will cost approximately 10EUR per person/night incl access to kitchen and shower

    • Camping on rooftops in Marrakesh (costs maybe 5eur per person/night) with free accress to showers and bathrooom

    • Sharing hotel rooms or using hostels in the bigger cities where we get visas (around 15EUR/night in Dakar & Freetown)

    • When we are camping on the beach you can usually get a private beach bungalow for 30-40EUR

  • All Food. ​Cooking meals with the group should cost less than 200EUR/month. Restaurants a lot more!

  • Transport if you decide to leave the group (e.g to jump on the iron ore train in Mauritania)

  • Vaccines: Expect to pay 200EUR for this. Check recommendations online or on our FAQ page

  • Flights.

Get in touch and I can help you arrange a tour at the other destinations.