Norway to Ghana



Eastern Europe Loop, 14 days (free, just share costs of gas)

We will have four cars to drive and lots of options. Tom and Ryan will do a small eastern European loop that you are free to join if you are willing to split the costs of gas with them before the real adventure starts. The trip will go from Berlin and up to Oslo where we will meet the rest of the group.


Norway to Malaga, 21 days (free for those who join all the way to Ghana)

The countries which we will go through is not set in stone, as we will be open to suggestions, but we will have to be in Malaga by July 27th when other travelers will be joining in for the real adventure through Western Africa.


Malaga to Dakar, 30 days (1000€)

m Malaga to Dakar, this second leg is filled with the mysticism of the Maghreb From the overwhelming souq to the solitude in the Sahara, looping by an oasis and finally arriving on the other side of the desert. There is plenty to experience, starting by the ferry crossing to the other continent, we will have a chance to hop on the Mauritanian Iron Ore train and dance to a multitude of Afro beats once in Dakar.


Dakar to Freetown, 30 days (1000€)

From Dakar to Freetown, this third leg explores the festive and relaxed coastal countries.


Freetown to Accra, 30 days (1000€)

Travel along the fourth leg and see the uncommon roads of the West-South, unravelling the unknown, discovering new unique cultural traits of flamboyant regions of Africa.


Accra to Accra, 15-30 days (free bonus to everyone who completed the journey)

Many roads can take us to Accra but none goes through all of it. From Accra, we will loop into the traditional Voodoo countries Togo and Benin, then into Burkina Faso, possibly even Mali. Where the road takes us is yet to see.